Staging - Does It Work??

I'm certain most of you have heard the term "staging", and probably have a vague idea of what it means. The dictionary definition is this - the act of preparing a home for sale in the marketplace with the goal of making the home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. The Marci definition is this - Styling  your home to give it that WOW factor to hep you sell faster and for more money! Come on now, who wouldn't want WOW factor and to sell faster and for more money???

When you list with Seth and Chantalle you are lucky enough to get Chantalle's fabulous staging skills. When I first interviewed with them I noticed right away how nice their office is. Trendy, current, but not overdone....just the right amount of WOW. This is the way she approaches the staging of each of our listings. Both Seth and Chantalle are extremely well versed in current trends and the needs/wants of today's buyers and use that knowledge when staging.

We have had an exceptionally busy past 4 weeks here at our office. 4 new homes listed for sale and 3 of them sold at record breaking prices. That is absolutely due in part to how these homes were staged! If you see an empty house it is hard to imagine yourself there. On the flip side, if you see a house completely full of another families belongings it can be hard to determine things like room sizes or even a specific use for a specific room.  On your first visit Chantalle will take a walk through your home and take note of any changes that can be made to help with the staging. it can be anything from a drastic decluttering to simply moving a dresser to the other side of the room. Each home is different.

After coming up with a staging plan Seth and Chantalle will head over to our storage locker and pick up whatever is needed. An appointment will be set to come back to your house and that's when the magic happens!! A pillow here, a duvet cover switch there, perhaps a few pieces of art hung, maybe a nice table setting and VOILA!!!! You'll be amazed at how just a little, or let's face it, sometimes a lot, of staging can totally transform your home.  As homeowners we always think our own homes are beautiful and that everyone else will think so too, but taste is a specific and personal thing and it can be better to take a step back and let a third party, in this case Seth and Chantalle, look at how the property would appeal to the masses. You probably adore your cat statue collection, and I'm certain that it will look fabulous in your next home but for the sake of selling your current place it may be time to pack them away and allow that space to be used for something a little less "cat statue-y".

One of my first tasks here in my new job was to visit our storage locker and organize our staging pieces. Not knowing what to expect I was shocked when I saw just how much they have on hand. So trust me, you needn't worry about where any staging stuff is going to come from, we've got you covered!!!!!

I could bore you with some stats about staging but the long and short of it is this.....STAGING WORKS!!!!!


Seth & Chantalle Real Estate Team

Seth & Chantalle Real Estate Team

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