Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Professional to Sell Your Home

Deciding whether to hire a Real Estate Professional.

Just some reasons to hire a Real Estate Professional:

1- Maximum exposure to thousands of websites and other marketing avenues. You can have the world's greatest house but if the whole world doesn't know about it and only the people on your street do then exposure is limited. A question one must ask is; will my home sell for more if there is one person interested or many people? If your answer is many then maximum exposure is a must and no one can provide this better than a real estate professional whose job is to market your home.

2- Knowledge of where to advertise and in some cases how to advertise your home. Full Time Real Estate Professionals know the ins and outs of internet marketing which is where 95% of the buyers find your home. For example did you know in order to have high placement on one major website 26 photos is a must. You can have 26 of the same exact blurry photo and will have far superior positioning than 25 different beautiful photos. Different sites have different ways for you property to stand apart. A full time Real Estate professional knows the ins and outs and will get you top placement and superior traffic to your property.

3- Accurate market data and pricing information - Real Estate Professionals have this information at their finger tips. The most up to date information is essential to getting the top dollar for your home and in negotiating in your favor. Full time Agents/Brokers who study the marketplace daily actually have a good indication of which way the market is really headed.

4- Superior Real Estate Negotiation skills. If you negotiate a product everyday then you would be far superior then someone who negotiates a product once every 5-10 years. Negotiations don't always mean price other things such as terms, financing, etc must be considered. For example someone might be willing to pay 5,000 more than someone else but if they don't want to close for 2 years then that offer looks very different doesn't it?

5- A majority of buyers have Buyers agents. This means that buyers have Professional Representation and when they submit offers to you they will ask you to pay 3-5% for bringing the buyer. You can say no and tell them to get it from the buyers. However doing that more often than not kills the deal. Your communication is with the buyer's broker not buyer and therefore in the real world even if the buyer does still want to pursue your property their offer is immediately 5% lower if not more than what they originally offered. If you agree to pay 3-5% then you are paying a real estate broker, why not have your own interest represented and receive Professional services.

6- Marketing of your home is a very expensive and time consuming process. Real Estate Brokerages pay all the cost of selling without a guarantee of actually getting paid unless it sells.

7- According to NAR (National Association of Realtors), "Sellers who use a real estate professional make 16 percent more on the sale of their home than do sellers who go it alone."

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