Budget Landscaping

Great gardens don't demand a lot of cash, but they do require some resourcefulness and creativity. Here are some ideas for adding oomph to your landscape without depleting your bank account.

Grab a can of paint.

This gardener found a lavender blue that he loved and then used it extensively throughout the garden, painting doors, fences, pots, garden furniture, and even a small dead tree in the rich color.

Especially in a small garden, painting several items the same intense color creates continuity and punch. Even in deepest winter, the garden will be colorful and interesting.

Other colors that do well in gardens include magenta, teal, deep purple, spring or lime greens, deep sunny yellow, and brick reds.

Nearly any quality oil-based or latex-based paint will do, whether it's in a bucket or a spray can. Just be sure to choose an exterior-grade paint. And if you're painting metal, choose one that's rust-resistant.

Make it fabulous with fabric.

A little fabric can work miracles. A piece of it stitched into a tablecloth can turn a decrepit picnic table or even an aged card table into an inviting dining spot. A few pillows can turn an old bench into a garden retreat. And a slipcover or two can revitalize world-weary garden furniture.

Too many people think it's a no-no to use fabrics outdoors, but that's not the case. Seek out inexpensive fabrics on clearance, remnants, or recycle sheets and consider the fabrics semi-disposable. Leave 'em out in the rain and then let the sun dry them again. They'll last just a year or two, but then you'll be free to start with a fresh look all over again.

The other alternative is to invest in good, rugged, exterior-quality fabrics, found at most fabric shops. They resists fading and mildew, and will be around for years.

For more tips and ideas check: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/landscaping-projects/landscape-basics/budget-landscaping/


Source: Better Homes and Garden, http://www.bhg.com/gardening/landscaping-projects/landscape-basics/budget-landscaping/

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