Peek Inside A 1920s Garage Converted Into A Tiny Home

How much space do you need to live comfortably? Five hundred square feet? A thousand? Two thousand? Everyone has their own requirements for a place to live, although we mostly agree on the basics: a roof over our heads, a place to cook, somewhere to sleep, and a bathroom. And if you had to make do in a home clocking in at a mere 362-square-feet, you'd expect just those basics and not much more, right?

Well, you're wrong ... oh so very, very wrong. Creative genius Whitney Leigh Morris has made a living transforming even the barest spaces into something beautiful. She can start from nothing and end up with something you'd never expect. Her general guiding principle? "We don't need to 'live large' to live beautifully." Once you see her tiny home, located in Venice, California, you'll know she's right.

When space is tight, you want to keep things open, not close them in. To make a kitchen and a living room out of a small space, a half-wall with a countertop of one side and comfy seating on the other is key. This barrier creates "zones" rather than tiny rooms. Each space has its own function and is separate, but without being closed off.

The living room itself is multifunctional. The L-shaped banquette seating can be used for lounging, with the wicker coffee table in the picture above to hold your coffee. But move in a larger folding table and, voilà, you've got a dining room!

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Source:, 5/1/2016

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