This Guy's Got The Funniest Strategy To A Buffet I've Ever Seen

Back in the days when I was a traveling minstrel, rockin' shows all across this great land, I had a lot of opportunities to familiarize myself with the all-you-can-eat buffets of the world. As a bunch of broke musicians, we loved buffets because they were a cheap way to get a lot of food. Believe me when I say, we definitely knew how to put that stuff away. When it comes to maximizing your time at a buffet and getting your money's worth, it's important to have some strategy. You can't just go for the filling stuff right away - that's a fool's game and it's people like that who keep buffets in business.

Although everyone has their own little tricks to buffet hacking, my method involved taking one lap around just to scope everything out and take bite size samplings of whatever looks interesting. Then you figure out what you liked most and go nuts on it. Avoid soups and heavy carbs until at least your third plate or else you'll fill up too fast. Sushi is a great way to start the first round or two because it's light and it's an otherwise expensive menu item. Of course, you could go a totally different way and just load up on what you already know you love, like the guy in this video does with these noodles.

If there was a prize for eating at a buffet, this guy would surely win. Sometimes the key to success is to throw caution to the wind and follow your passion. 

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Source:, 01/15/2016

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