Good News from Kevin Flynn, MPP Oakville -- Municipal Land Transfer Tax

The following is a response from Kevin Flynn regarding an online petition with respect to municipalities being able to charge their own land transfer tax in addition to the existing provin


Thank you for bringing your concerns about the Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT) to my attention.


I am very pleased to inform you that today the Ontario government announced that MLTT powers will not be extended as an option to municipalities.


As part of the review of the Municipal Act, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing met with municipalities to discuss a variety of issues, such as whether there’s sufficient accountability and transparency; whether municipalities have the powers and tools to deliver services effectively; and what barriers municipalities face in achieving financial sustainability.


Municipalities and the public were encouraged to engage their councils and their input was welcomed as part of the review. Minister McMeekin took quite seriously the feedback from the people of this province on this issue and made the decision not to extend the MLTT powers to the 444 municipalities outside of the city of Toronto.


The Conservative opposition is expected to put forward a Private Members Bill (PMB) in the Ontario Legislature on Thursday on this issue. This is a rather redundant measure as Minister McMeekin and the Ontario government have already taken the step not to extend the MLTT.


I thank you for your feedback on this issue and for adding your voice to this important discussion.




Kevin Flynn, MPP



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