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Wildwood is a primarily residential neighbourhood, middle-income area located in the southeast part of Saskatoon. It includes part of the 8th Street business district. The majority of its residents live in townhouse or apartment-style multiple unit dwellings, with a sizeable minority of low-density, single detached dwellings. The area is home to approximately 7,600 residents.

Before being part of Saskatoon, the land for Wildwood was used for agriculture. It includes part of the Sutherland Moraine, a ridge that forms a local topographic high. The intersection of 8th Street and Central Avenue (now Acadia Drive) was referred to as "Stephenson's Corner" for many years. The streetcar line from Saskatoon to Sutherland ran east down 8th Street and turned north into Sutherland. The Wildwood Golf Course existed before any residential development occurred, and the golf course's name was chosen for the name of the new neighbourhood. Home construction was at its peak from 1971 until 1980.

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