Winterizing Your Home

Tips To Winterize Your Home


1. Reseal The Doors & Windows:

Windows will often have drafts that let outside air in, and as a result, spike up your gas bill. An easy way to test if you have drafts is by holding a candle by the door to see if it moves with a draft. Where it starts to flicker, there’s a draft. To fix it, reseal the caulk around the windows or check the weather stripping on doors to prevent cold air from getting into your house.


2. Clear Out Garage:

Many of us are guilty of using the garage as an extra storage room instead of parking for our cars. This is the time to clean it out, so you can safely store your cars inside during the next snowstorm or cold weather alert.  We all know that feeling of having to run outside on an early morning to start our car. Try to avoid this by making some room for parking if possible. 


3. Fireplace Prep & Check:

Get the fireplace ready the cold winter season ahead. If you’ll be using it a lot,  make sure you get an annual inspection to ensure it will run smoothly throughout the winter. If you don’t plan on using it, turn the pilot off (If it's a gas fireplace) and seal it off to prevent cold air from getting through and into your home. 


4. Prep The Furnace:

Check to ensure your furnace is in working condition for the cold weather. If it has not been running for a while, you may notice a funny smell at first. If the smell lasts a long period of time, call a professional to get it inspected. *Note: Make sure to check your furnace filters regularly to see if they need to be replaced. 




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