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Hi everyone,

As you may or may not know, last summer I made a difficult decision to turn down a career flying with Air Canada. While I still love flying airplanes, after 15 years, and two young children, I was tired of the time away from home (and so was my wife!). Also, over the past seven years, my hobby was buying, renovating and either selling or holding small apartment buildings, and it became hard to ignore my passion for real estate and the potential for wealth building and the financial control that real estate was offering.

So real estate was a logical next move for me and I joined my friend and mentors team at Century 21 Team One Realty. I have really enjoyed, working with this amazing team since August of 2012, in fact we were the number two Century 21 brokerage for sales last year in the entire country! That’s right, we beat out all the teams in the major cites like Toronto and Vancouver, by doing more business while located in little old Halifax…so I think that speaks volumes to the amount of experience and business I have been part of since joining our team of four.

I now run my own investing and real estate business, but love being part of lots of exciting projects within our Live By Leverage team, from international investing, to local land development, condo development and our staple, buying, renovating and holding small and large multi-family apartment buildings.

So what makes me different from the many other realtors out there is that I specialize in finding value and creating wealth in any type of real estate. I can do this by drawing from my extensive personal investing and renovation experience, as well as my experience sitting at the table and negotiating on the sales and acquisition team for a group of companies that currently hold well over One Hundred Million in real estate assets. I am an expert at digging up important information from multiple resources, turning over rocks that open doors and analyzing all aspects of your home as an investment. As my client, this all translates to you being a step ahead and saving or making more money. That is what I have been doing personally for seven years, and why my mentor, Patrick Johnston, recruited me for his team.

Now that real estate is my full time business, I wanted to reach out to my friends and family to ask for your support and see if I can help you, or anyone you may know, with buying or selling a home or investing in real estate. Much the same as my apartment building flips, I can show you how to find more value in your current home and make sure any money you spend on your home creates more value than you spend. I can also analyze all aspects of a future purchase, so you can be confident you’re growing your wealth faster and are better prepared to capitalize on current and upcoming opportunities of owning real estate in Halifax. I understand that buying and selling a home is often an emotional purchase, and I know it’s a cliché, but since our homes are our greatest financial asset, trust me to help you create more wealth from it at the same time!

I love real estate for lots of reasons, but it’s given me the excuse to touch base and re-connect with a lot of my past friends and help them out. If you’d like to just say hi, or have any real estate related thoughts or questions, get in touch with me on email, facebook, my Century21 webpage, or www.getmoorerealestate.com . Send me your phone number or give me a call at 237.2446.

Maybe we can help each other out and grow our real estate wealth together.

All the best for now!

Shawn Moore

Real Estate Professional | Real Estate Investor | Investment Strategist

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Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore

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