Buyer Beware

I would like to share some information with you that should help you in your process. I understand that you are working to find yourself the right home at the best price. Lately, I have heard from alot of clients that they are wanting to deal with the listing agent in order to save themselves some money by cutting out the "the middle man" as some would say.

Here are some obstacles that you may face if you do choose to go with a listing agent;
A) A listing Agent works for the Seller
B) His fiduciary duties are to the Seller
C) Difficult to be faithful to both parties
D) They can not share many critical information with you
E) No one to advise you on the value, or concerns with the property
F)Trusting a stranger to do the right thing and save you money!!!!!

There are so many other inherent issues with this model that is considered old school thinking.
You are the lone wolf, shopping via limited sources.  The MLS system is delayed to the public by up to 72 hours, by that time most of the best deals are sold.  Also, you are missing out on deals that do not make it to the public, example desperate sales, estate sales, power of sale and many others.

A buyer agent works only for you.   A buyer agent will protect your interest while minimizing your risks, with their error and omission insurance.

A good buyer agent will use "Best Practices" and provide you with market experience, also have access to other  ancillary services like the best mortgage brokers, property inspectors, moving services etc.  While you are searching for your home, you will be able to build a trusting rapport with your buyer agent.  You will not lose out on any opportunities that come up.

Once you find your perfect home, your Buyer Agent will advise you on the best value, not only by establishing the current market value, but on the sellers motivation, and time on the market. Having all the relevant data will give you confidence to move forward.

According to IMS an independent auditor of MLS data, says that working with a buyer agent will save you 4.1% on average vs. a listing agent.

I have been in this business for 10 years and have seen many  people taken advantage of. In fact, I am currently an expert witness in a court case for a  couple that lost over 25,000.00  A real shame.

Now that  I have just shown you that having a Buyer Agent will not only save  you money, but minimize  your risk, would it not make perfect sense to do so?

I have developed a customized Buyer Program that gives all my buyers the best of bread in services from start to finish and beyond.  Finding a competent and professional Buyer Agent that has your best interest in mind is as important as the rest of the process and should be your first priority.

If you are serious about purchasing a home,  it would be worth your while to go through my buyer Presentation.  Let's  get together for 1/2 hour at your earliest convenience.  My services do not cost you anything and there is never any obligations.  What do you have to lose?

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