I know you have heard this already "it's that time of year again, RRSP season".
But if you are thinking of buying your first property this year or so, and if you have some savings or you are going to use credit for the down payment. Take those funds, either saved or borrowed and top off your RRSP contributions, the added refund you will receive can probably pay for all your closing costs on your purchase.
Then of course use the RRSP's Home Buyers plan for your down payment. The plan allows you 15 years to pay back your RRSPs used, and if you can not pay one year, that year's payment just shows up as income in that year. Let me explain further, if you took out $15000.00 out of your RRSP plan for your down payment, you will have to recontribute $1000.00 per year for the next 15 years. If for any reason your are not able to make the $1000.00 contribution for any given year. Then your income for tax purposes for that year will be $1000.00 greater. No big deal for most of us.

This is a fantastic way to get into the market....

If you like to know how this could be applied directly to you, let me know. Please feel free to contact me with any questons, feed back etc.

Shayzaad Kassam

Shayzaad Kassam

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