Oakville Real Estate Careers: CENTURY 21 Miller welcomes Debra Emidio

CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd, Oakville, is delighted to announce that Debra Emidio has joined the Brokerage as a Sales Representative.  Debra can be reached at 905.845.9180 or debra.emidio@century21.ca

Debra Emidio, Sales Representative

 Why I chose CENTURY 21 Miller for my real estate career...

"As I embarked on my real estate career I wanted to ensure I chose wisely and picked a brokerage that would be invested in helping me achieve success.  I’m a believer that when you take a vested interest in others, it comes back to you two-fold. Doing my homework, I narrowed it down to 2 brokerages and my experience was night and day with each them. 

The first brokerage sent me on my way feeling like just another number and source of monthly income to their firm.  I had heard from my friends that they tended to make promises but never follow through but in order to make an informed decision one has to do their due diligence.  I left there not feeling very optimistic about a future with them.

When I arrived at the second brokerage, CENTURY 21 Miller, for my meeting with Sheena I was impressed by the friendly atmosphere and the way I was greeted.  Sitting in the lobby you get an opportunity to observe the comings and goings of people and to get a vibe for what the environment was like.  What I saw was a group of people who respected each other and truly cared about what was going on and getting things done.  I’m a very personable person and like attracts like, so CENTURY 21 Miller just felt right to me.

I was also impressed with the time and care that Sheena took in reviewing what joining the brokerage would be like.  The fact that she spent over an hour with me was testament that CENTURY 21 Miller really cares about their people and is willing to go the extra mile to demonstrate that.  I felt like I mattered and way more than just a number.  The brand philosophy that I saw shining through was that this brokerage is about Quality and not Quantity.  They don’t want to be like the other guys, but want to stand out as an industry leader that is second to none.

Since that day, I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with Diane and Linda, who have been wonderful during this initiation period.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful which is a critical factor to me with being new and learning the ropes.  I want to work where I can contribute but also where there are people I can rely on to have my back and assist me when needed.  In my first couple of weeks I have experienced that at the CENTURY 21 Miller office with buying a home in Oakville, putting my current home on the market and making my first sale!

CENTURY 21 Miller is where I begin my next journey in life and I look forward to having a great partnership being part of a team that is dedicated to helping each other succeed: they are a true testament of TEAMWORK!!

My new career....

Real Estate and the potential of a property has always intrigued me to the point where I started buying properties, fixing them up and selling them.  Over the past 10 years I’ve personally owned 4 houses in the Oakville area. While assisting many family and friends with this type of project I’d been told on more than one occasion that I’d missed my calling.

After rave reviews on my past home projects and kicking around the idea of getting into real estate, here I am beginning my next journey in life with CENTURY 21 Miller.  My experience over the past 17 years in International Finance developing transferable skills in developing strong relationships and partnerships will serve me well as I begin my real estate career.

I’m excited by the endless possibilities in serving the Oakville and surrounding communities.  I welcome the opportunity to provide the best service possible in finding the right solutions that exceeds expectations with any real estate needs.

 Beautiful spaces are out there to be found, so let the search begin!


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