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Sheila Ashdown

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Personal Background

Growing up in small town Saskatchewan on a farm has provided me with the opportunity to truly  understand and appreciate  the roots and people of our province.

Knowledge In The Market and Honesty Join to Equal Good Real Estate Investments

Vast experience in Real Estate in aiding clients in buying and selling homes and through many years of­working­in business­has allowed Sheila to become an extremely­dedicated­realtor who specializes in customer service and client care. Since starting her real estate career with Century 21 Dome in 1993, Sheila has been able to develop a thriving referral based business in Saskatchewan. Sheila's real estate expertise is shown through her open, honest approach and by­making your needs, as her client, her top priority. Sheila is married to her supportive husband Brad, and is also mother to their two wonderful children.­

The award winning and successful years that Sheila has spent with clients, friends and family­are shown in her success and happiness in­her day to day real estate transactions.

Sheila Ashdown is proud of her client referral base that surrounds her, and helps support her continuing business. Her referral base is a testament to the work she does for her clients in buying and selling their homes and the long term relationships that­she has with­her customer base.­ The trust of­her clients is very important to her.

­Sheila Ashdown ­thanks ­her clients, family and friends­ for their continued trust and referrals.

By supplying the utmost in honesty, care and knowledge in each real estate transaction, to each of my clients, I am able to continually enhance and grow in the Saskatoon Real Estate­Marketplace


I am­ continually upgrading and­ enhancing my real estate knowledge and customer service abilities, in order to serve clients with the best care and knowledge. I strive to help each­ client make well-informed decisions and­aid them in successful and predominantly stress free real estate experiences,­Sheila Ashdown­ continues to thrive in real estate in Saskatchewan with the help of her loyal and repeat referral base of past and present clients, friends and family.

Sheila Ashdown enjoys about a­ 90% CLIENT REFERRAL BASE, which is a testament to­her customer service loyalty and vast knowledge in the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Real Estate Markets.



A Few Client Testimonials

-"Sheila is a very knowledgeable realtor who LISTENS to what you want and need. She has strong recommendations backed by data. There is no pretense with Sheila so you know what she is saying is factual and true. She treats you like family and genuinely wants what is best for you. When there was an unexpected yard disaster, Sheila's connections help to recify the situation and clarify the process for cleanup and repair. She is not only a realtor doing her job but also a friend. Wilfred Burton, Saskatoon,SK."

-"Sheila has made the purchase process of our house in Saskatoon easy and uncomplicated. Sheila knows the Saskatoon market and area and knows a lot about houses, so when we were looking at places she was able to spot and discuss many aspects of the homes that we may have missed.

This is the 5th house that we have purchased in 30 years and it has been by far the easiest and least stressful purchase. Sheila listened to what we were looking for and when a house came on the market that fit our needs she contacted us. She recommended a mortgage broker and a building inspector and in two trips to Saskatoon everything was completed and clear.

It was a very pleasant and fun experience. I would use and recommend Sheila to anyone."

Cathy Stephens, Medicine Hat (Buyer)

-"Sheila is a knowledgeable and professional realtor! She went the extra mile at every turn to make sure my needs were met and the property I bought was top notch ! I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home. In addition to her ability as a realtor she is a thoughtful and caring person and that shows in how she takes care of her clients !"

Leanne D. Saskatoon (Buyer)


-"Smooth transaction and closing of our purchase of a home that best met our needs. Thanks Sheila!"

Ken Panchuk, Regina (Buyer)


"We had been told by friends to check Sheila Ashdown at Century 21 Fusion.Not known what to expect but Boy where ever glad we did. Almost at every turn Sheila was there for both of us .Her stats on properties were spot on. We came too trust her with the sale of our property not to mention the purchase of our Condo.Sheila's Professionalism was very remarkable especially when dealing with some of the agents out there. I would go through Sheila Ashdown to buy again without even thinking about it.Hands down the best decision we ever made.THANK YOU SHEILA ASHDOWN

Sheila Ashdown some how managed to save us money in a buyers market. She knew the market well.Some of the agents out there could take a page from Sheila Ashdown's  book and learn what the words PROFESSIONLISM means."

Edward Marjoram ,Sylvia La Buik Saskatoon Sk. 


-"Sheila Ashdown was by far the best agent we have ever worked with. Most importantly, Sheila is a fantastic negotiator and is very knowledgeable about the local town house market. She was never rushed and was very prompt in responding to our many questions. I would highly recommend Sheila."

Ryan Louden, Saskatoon 


-"First, I trusted Sheila to be honest with me. Second, she was absolutely reliable and I felt I mattered to her as a client and a person."

A. Hoy, Saskatoon (Seller)

---"Sheila did an awesome job for us"
- Eric and Louise Saraurer

---"A family member of ours had Sheila as an agent and said how good of a job she did for him. He was right!!! She was awesome."­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ -David F.

---"Sheila--you are the best committed, hard working, loyal and honest. Everything you want in a Real Estate Professional!"--Lynn and Albert

---"Sheila-you really are a­ TREMENDOUS­ Real Estate Professional! I really appreciated your help and hard work when I was buying and selling!" Pam

---"Not all people are going farther in your profession the way you do it.­ You have given to us more than we expected. We will appreciate everything you did for us forever."­­ A & Z Guerrero

---To be able to work with a kind ,caring, knowledgeable and reliable Agent, as you are, was an unexpected pleasure of ours! We have transferred many times in our careers and never have encountered someone as special as you! We will certainly be referring your name and services­ to all that we know!

---"Thankful for the opportunity to be introduced to you as our agent in Saskatoon-knowing that you were truly there for us every step of the way in the purchase of our home made the experience for us very relaxing and stress-free.­ Your ability to share your knowledge and provide us with facts about the market was appreciated ,as it gave us an understanding and level of comfort in our purchase. Will recommend you to all we know looking to do real estate transactions in Saskatchewan! Thanks Roselle and Ken

--We have transferred  many times in our 30 years of being with the government, but this is the first time we have encountered a Real Estate Agent like you.­ Sheila... you are passionate about the homes ­you sell ­and your ­honesty was appreciated more than you will know.­ Thanks for all of the knowledge you shared with us about Saskatoon and the areas to live in.­ You were amazing and we will refer you to many we know. Thanks so much for everything-we love our new home! Brenda and Arnie.

--"You made our selling and buying experience one that we will always remember--your expertise and honest and open ways will always be appreciated and treasured!" Zack and Amy.


Professional Interests

--Easter Seals

--Autism Awareness


Specializing in quality customer care and service and long term clients and referrals.

Awards and Recognition

2016 Ruby Masters Producer

2015 Centurion Producer

2014 Centurion Producer

2013 Centurion Producer

2012 Centurion Producer

2011 Centurion Producer

2010 Double CENTURION® Team  

2009 CENTURION® Team    

2008 Double CENTURION® Producers   

2007 CENTURION®  Producers

Moving Checklist


Moving Checklist

Planning Your Move

One Month before Making the Move:

Start a moving expenses book. Some of your expenses may be tax deductible, so be sure to save the receipts.

 Make an appointment with the moving company rep to come to your home to discuss the move  Ask for an experienced driver who will be responsible for packing and moving your things  Ask about cost, timing requirements, the company’s liability in case of damage or loss  Make special arrangements for moving a piano, antiques, appliances etc.  Obtain a written commitment from the moving company you choose.  Ask for recent referrals and phone them  Make any necessary arrangements to move family, ie: hotel reservations, plane tickets etc.  Gather together all important documents and store them in a safe place – such as safety deposit box.  Take a good look at what is worth taking and what is not. Be ruthless. Have a garage sale or rent a garage bin and get rid of all the stuff you really do not need.  Make plans for the children and pets for moving day  Arrange for school and records for transfers to new schools and Doctor’s records to new office.  Get boxes, packing paper, heavy twine and/or masking tape if you are packing yourself  Stop or transfer newspaper and other home deliveries.  Make a floor plan of your new home and plan where everything will go. Take necessary measurements, do not try to guess.

Two Weeks before the Move:

 Return all items you have borrowed including library books.  Dispose of flammable items.  Book freight elevator if you are moving in or out of an apartment.  When packing, number all the boxes. Keep an inventory list. Label each box with the room where it belongs in your new home. Seal boxes.

One Week before the Move

 Prepare a list of all items you plan to take with you personally. Include all jewellery and any valuables which you do not wish to entrust to movers.  Dismantle and/or unfasten anything that requires it.  Prepare a list of everything that is left to do.  Confirm the booking for the moving company  Defrost and air the deep freezer.

2 Days before the Move

 Do your last laundry. Disconnect and drain the washing machine.  Finish packing

The Day before the Move

 Lead packers around the house and make sure they understand all your written instructions.  Gather together all keys for the new owners, including garage and shed.  Pack items that you will carry with you: Mark them; DO NOT LOAD! THIS IS FOR THE CAR!

Moving Out

 Conduct a final check for possible forgotten items.  Check inventory for number of boxes – break down by room.  Check Mover’s Bill of Lading against your inventory.  Turn the heat down.

Moving In

 Arrive at your new house before the movers. Take milk, bread, coffee, tea with you. It will be a long day.  Verify that the utilities have been turned on.  Give copies of your floor plan to the movers. As your goods arrive, examine each item carefully as it is put in place and check off y our inventory.  Note any damage. You won’t be able to check goods which have not been unpacked, so above your signature on the Bill of Lading write “Subject to loss or hidden damage.  The first priorities for unpacking will be the children’s rooms, TV and radio, and basic kitchen supplies.  Take a deep breath and accept the fact that it will take a while to settle in

 Address & Info Changes

A list of things you may need to do and places to which you may want to change your address:

Finances / Legal

bank - open/ close/transfer accounts - allow time for imprinted checks

set up any automatic withdrawals / payments at new account

empty safe deposit box - arrange safe deposit box at new location

investment accounts


Revenue Canada



life insurance

health insurance

automobile insurance

boat insurance

homeowner's / renter's content insurance

Utility Companies:

gas / electricity




satellite dish 

internet access

arrange for return of any security deposit on file

cellular telephone

home security company

Employment & Community Associations:


employee health benefit company

return keys to community facilities

arrange for return of security deposit/unused portion of dues

place of Worship

Service Providers:


gardener / lawn care / snow removal company

hair stylist

pest control

bottled water

pool service

other services (laundry, dry cleaners, etc.)

return library books, video rentals, etc.


arrange for transfer of medical history file to new vet

find out about necessary licenses, vaccinations, etc. at new location

arrange for transport to new location

Health - get referral to new service providers & arrange for transfer of files/history/x-rays/prescriptions







Memberships / Subscriptions: arrange for return of any deposit on file or unused portion of membership

cancel / transfer membership to gym/health club, etc.

cancel / transfer motor club membership ~ CAA

other clubs / groups

schools (arrange for children's school records to be transferred), universities, colleges, alumni associations

magazines, periodicals, newsletters, catalogues

airline frequent flyer club memberships


collect all keys to current residence and mail box

return keys to neighbours/friends that you might have

House Items:

Remove anything from secret hiding places or from a safe

Leave your forwarding address with the new owner / tenant and offer to pay postage to forward mail.

Leave for new owner / occupant: architectural / landscape plans; instruction manuals etc

Moving Cards:

have printed with new address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc to give to friends and family

Links to Additional Buyer and Seller Resources

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  • City Services

****City of Saskatoon Utilities Branch--click here

****Neighbourhood Profiles and Demographic Statistics--click here


  • Mortgage and Law Services

 Jackie Hendrickson--Mortgage Architects 306-717-1843

Rand Burlingham--Burlingham Cuelenare Legal Prof. Corp:

 1043 8th St E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0S2 (306) 343-9581


  • Utilities




  •  Home Inspection Services

  •  Other Services


Personal Interests

In spare time being able to entertain family and friends and clients in the comfort of our home is a regular enjoyment and treat.  Being able to prepare and share Culinary creations is a form of relaxation and enjoyment. 

Common Zoning Codes in Saskatoon

  • R1-large lot for one unit dwelling
  • R1A-normal lot for one unit dwelling
  • R1B-small lot for one unit dwelling
  • R2-one and two unit dwellings
  • RMHC-mobile home court district
  • RMHL-mobile homes on individual sites
  • R2A-low density residential infill district for one and two unit dwellings
  • RMTN-townhouse residential district
  • RM1-low density (1-4 units) multiple unit dwellings
  • RM2-low/medium density multiple unit dwellings
  • RM3-medium density multiple unit dwelling
  • RM4-medium/high density multiple unit dwelling
  • RM5-high density multiple unit dwelling