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Queen Elizabeth is considered a middle income area. There are roughly 2,500 residents in this neighborhood. Construction of mostly single detached homes began after World War II.

During the speculative real estate market between 1909 and 1912, ambitious developers had a local lumber company build three stately brick homes at 1906, 1908 and 1910 York Avenue (at the intersection with Taylor Street). Though they were far away from the city core, developers anticipated that residential building would soon expand outward quickly. Foundations for other houses nearby were built, but abruptly abandoned as a recession took hold in 1913. Meanwhile, the homes became known as the "Three Sisters" and were landmarks for travellers. The city eventually developed the land near the houses in around 1953. The northernmost "sister" was demolished to make way for Fire Station #3 - the two remaining homes survive to the present day.

Source: Wikipedia

Two Sisters

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