Preparing Your Sellers For Showings

Wouldn’t the practice of real estate be so much easier if sellers became invisible once you signed a listing and only reappeared to negotiate offers? 

While that scenario might sound ideal, there are ways to get your clients up to snuff when it comes to showing their properties in the most favourable light. Here’s how:

Pretty Up the Place – While this is one of the more obvious choices when prepping a home for sale, home staging is a simple, inexpensive way to add some wow factor to your offering. And there’s no need to hire a professional home stager with so much free information available online or at the library. Clear out the clutter in everything from closets to fridge magnets and cupboards. Store stuff away in plastic bins. Box up all those tchotchkes for your upcoming move. Decorate with fresh flowers and pleasant-smelling, but not overly powerful candle scents. Play relaxing music during showings. You may need to reconsider rearranging furniture or staging a particular space using strategic furniture placement. Keep in mind the flow of traffic in the home and how easily buyers move throughout the home. Your home should be clean, clutter-free and inviting.

Keep Puppies and Pythons at Bay – Hard to believe, but not every prospective buyer loves your furry, feathered and scaly friends. Being greeted at the door by a slobbering pooch that barks and jumps and sniffs excitedly is not everyone’s idea of the perfect welcome. Keep your pets contained during showings or, better yet, take them with you.

Also, caution clients about being extra vigilant about masking or eliminating odors associated with their pets. Being known as the house that smells like dog pee isn’t a glowing endorsement even for the biggest dog lovers.

Ready, Set, Go – Having your house ready for showings at all times is pretty much impossible. But it’s important to be mindful and prepared while your home is for sale. And remember, flexibility is key. Often, realtors want to bring clients through a home on a moment’s notice so try to keep it presentable and clean at all times so that getting it ready for showings isn’t as daunting.

Don’t Stay – While it’s tempting to stay in your house during a showing to scope out the level of interest of the prospect, don’t. Tell homeowners you know everything a prospective buyer needs to know about the house. That should satisfy their desire to stay behind, but if that doesn’t work, try this. Tell them buyers never feel 100 % comfortable opening cupboard doors and peeking into closets when the buyer is at home or lurking nearby. And let’s face it, that feeling will affect how a buyer feels about a home.

Be sure to convey this to the seller.If they seller absolutely will not leave the house during showings, advise them to stay in one room or to go outside, if weather permits. They should never hover over clients and their realtor.

What advice do you dispense to clients during showings? Ever had a seller who wouldn’t leave the buyers alone? How did you handle that?


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