The Economy in 2010

Be advised that whatever you are about to read is a personal opinion and should not be misled as anything else.

What should you expect in 2010?  According to the Economist, MBA's will be a thing of the past...the world economy won't see a V shaped recovery but a U shaped ...Barak Obama will be blamed for everything else...and Iran will continue tormenting the world..

In Ontario everyone will continue hugging trees and forget about the HST increase that will affect everyone's pockets.  Honestly this HST thing is really upsetting!!!

Your Money in 2010!!!

Where should it go? What should you do with it?

- If you are like most people, you saved all your money until Boxing day and Bang!!! you spent it.....Thats ok...The worst is over and you are about to get more hours at work or a new product launch is on its way.

- Remember back in 2009 when The "Crash" was scaring you and you had started to take every measure possible to save money? (did you?) If you it again.  You will see that you can save a lot of money and pay your debt down.  Let 2010 be that year where you pay your debt down.

2010 is going to be a great year.  My goal is to read the Economist, Harvard Business Review and some other great books.  What's yours?


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