The Need For Virtual Private Networks

As technology becomes an increasingly vital part of the real estate industry, there is a corresponding rise in the need for virtual private networks (or VPNs): secure systems that allow users to enjoy the full freedom of the Internet, backed by an extensive infrastructure that connects branch offices with a main company network throughout the world. This service has added importance, both for residential and commercial developers, because many transactions - which involve the exchange of highly confidential materials, the guarded privacy of individual buyers and sellers, and the global scope of these events - demand an added layer of protection.

Also, not every client can easily access the Internet where there are a number of restrictions and firewalls, which prevent users from doing something as ordinary as downloading the latest news or transmitting personal financial data. In this environment, real estate companies need to be upfront about their support for VPNs -- since everyone, from executives to prospective clients to staff, deserves the safety and convenience associated with, say, going online in the United States.

In this respect, the real estate industry is ahead of the proverbial curve with its embrace of virtual private networks. But, and this point bears repeating for real estate companies that seek to market overseas or develop commercial or residential projects abroad, not every VPN is the same. Meaning: real estate companies need to work with proven, adept and technically sophisticated professionals who understand these issues.

The alternative, a situation in which the network cannot provide reliable technical support not guarantee unfettered access to the Internet, is a major threat to personal security. That scenario is unacceptable, which underscores another obvious fact: as technology and real estate become one, as more companies seek to build a global portfolio of clients (and appeal to more high-end residential buyers) and use the Internet as their chief means of outreach, there must an easy (and secure) way to facilitate this union.

So yes, the need for virtual private networks is significant. The demand corresponds to events, too, where Internet access is otherwise spotty, unprotected or the luxury of a few. Imagine an execute stationed in a foreign country, a real estate company representative selling new properties to wealthy investors or homeowners, who finds him- or herself the victim of circumstance; someone working in a country where going online is difficult, where Internet access is tightly managed and aggressively policed. No real estate company - no international business of any kind - can operate that way. Hence the urgency of having a series of virtual private networks with server locations (for personal safety and corporate security) in scores of nations.

The same rule about convenience applies to mobile devices, too. That is, people view - and finalize - real estate transactions on smart phones and tablets. Only a VPN with the infrastructure to accommodate this reality - and the fact that we, as consumers, use different brands of devices (iPhones versus Android products, versus Windows laptops versus Macintosh computers) - is worthy of serious consideration. The bottom line is simple: real estate, even the most ordinary residential transaction, is more than a posted listing or a newspaper advertisement; it is, instead, a highly sophisticated global business, where people rely on the Internet as their principal means of doing business.

Virtual private networks are the answer to this new dynamic. With a commitment to service and the flexibility to handle new accounts, the right VPN can be - and often is - a real estate company's most trusted resource. That supports offers peace of mind for current and prospective clients, while providing the technical assistance every real estate brand deserves.

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