Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors

The key to maintaining wooden floors is in the cleaning. If you clean hardwood flooring with the wrong products, in time your beautiful floors will become covered in area rugs to hide the dulling shine. The reason people put hardwood flooring in their homes is to cut down on dust that is kicked up by carpeting, it lasts longer than carpeting and it is aesthetically pleasing giving the home a warm feeling. Using the wrong cleaners can damage and makes it difficult in maintaining wooden floors causing them to be repaired if not replaced all together. How can you avoid this? Check the manufacturer instructions. If none came with your flooring then you should consult flooring company or a professional to see what they recommend for cleaning hardwood floors. Caring for your wood floors is easier to do than replacing them. Here are some tips on cleaning and maintaining wooden floors.

Tip 1: Never Allow Spills to Sit on your Hardwood flooring

Water is not kind to hardwood floors. Clean up the liquids immediately, using an absorbent cloth or a shop vac. Also, make sure to get every drop out of the cracks. Leaving liquids on the floor will cause water spots marring the finish of the floors and seep into the cracks which causes more damage. Don't allow wet food to sit for long as they also do cause just as much damage as liquids.

Tip 2: Sweep Regularly

Sweeping is an important part while maintaining wooden floors. Use a soft bristle broom or a dust mop. Sweep daily to keep things off the floors that might cause scratching or a larger mess when stepped upon. Get into the corners, where dirt and small bits of trash or hair can hide. Keep the floors clear of sharp objects and tools such as hammers.

Tip 3: Cover the Floor when Working

If you are making minor repairs like switching outlet covers, put something like a soft hand towel or wash clothes under the area you are working in. If you lose a screw or drop the screwdriver it is better for them to land on the towel and minimize damage. Lay down drop clothes when painting or cleaning windows or walls.

Step 4: Vacuum Often

It is best to vacuum a couple times a week and get the loose dirt that might have got shoved in a corner as well as food crumbs. Use your brush attachment for your vacuum on your wood floors. Hard plastic and stiff bristles can scratch the finish on the floor.

Tip 5: Mop Regularly

Yes, water is the hardwood floors enemy; however the best way to clean hardwood floors is to use a dry damp mop. You can add a cleaner to the water if it is recommended by the professionals that installed it or by the experts at the local hardware store. If they can't answer your question then the best thing to do is add nothing at all. You can also search on Internet about wooden floor cleaning products.

Tip 6: Throw Rugs and Area Rugs

If you have area rugs or throw rugs laid out on your hardwood floor that is good as it protects against damages such as scratches. Vacuum those rugs well, to keep the dirt from falling between the small spaces of the wood and getting lodged there.

Tip 7: Use Furniture Guards

Another important instrument in maintain wooden floors is furniture guards. Protect your wood floors by putting foot guards under your furniture. Do not drag the furniture across the floors. Place the foot guards or even an area rug under your furniture and keep your floor looking good for years to come and never have to do costly and time consuming repairs.

Tip 9: Avoid Things on the Floor that will Damage the Floor

High heels will dent the hard wood flooring and heavy shoes scratch, dent and scuff. Children's toys can cause quite a bit of damage as the kids love to send their little cars racing across the floor. If you really want to maintain your wooden floor for years, then it best to wear slippers or socks, even soft soled shoes are good to wear.

Tip 10: Clean Pet Mess Quickly

Clean up pet messes immediately and dry the area really good. Keep their food dishes on a mat of some kind and keep their nails trimmed.

Remember these tips for maintaining wooden floors and keep your hardwood flooring looking new and beautiful for years to come. Spend a little time in maintaining and properly cleaning hardwood floors and save a bundle on costly repairs or replacements.

If maintaining wooden floors is not doing any good to your floors, maybe they need a replace. It’s best to consult a professional for the same. Look for professionals and contractors in your area at

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