Buying our Kids "Things" is by no means a good thing.

Are we doing our kids any favours by giving them things? Well we want the best for our kids but by just giving them things doesn't seem to teach them any values. They don't get any reward in earning or any satisfaction in having to work for something and therefore do not seem to have any reason to take care for their newly acquired possession. It is just so easy for us all to fall into the trap but don't do it! If they work hard and have to earn it for themselves then they not only can appreciate the value of hard work but get to bask in the reward and therefore have a sence of pride and desire to take care of their prized possession. I have made this mistake more then once with my oldest child, actually purchased an income property for him to live in while he was away at school. Well, did that turn out to be a mistake and so when the opportunity to buy a car for the next child in line, I have definately refrained knowing that by him having to work hard to earn it will only result in him taking much better care, lesson certinaly learned!

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