Homes for Hospice

by Nick Seebruch

The Century 21 Team. Pictured from left to right: Back Row: Michael DeBoer, Maurice Lemieux, Jack Roy, Sophie Goudreau, Doris DeBoer, Eric Pedersen, Kelssie Oakes, Michael Vander Meer.  Front row: Troy Vaillancourt and Amanda Brisson. (Nick Seebruch/TC Media).
Century 21 has been a strong supporter of Carefor Hospice Cornwall and they have pledged to increase that support going into the future.
Century21's partnership with Hospice began a year ago with a Mastermind group of six people at Century 21 who wanted to contribute more to the community.
Sophie Goudreau, Doris DeBoer, Bill MacDonald, and Mike Vander Meer all agreed that Hospice was a good fit for them.
"Hospice affects us personally in a lot of ways" said Goudreau.
Recently, one of their colleagues had passed away and, in her final days, received care at Hospice Cornwall.
Starting last year, the original six members of the Mastermind group, and then many more, started to donate their time and money to support Carefor Hospice Cornwall.
Over the past year, at every fundraising event that Hospice has held, members of Century 21 have been sponsors, or have volunteered or have contributed in some other way.
Now, there is a new initiative that Century 21 has started, to carry that support even further.
Troy Vaillancourt, co-owner of Century 21, announced on Thursday, February 15, 2018, the new Hospice Home program.
Realtors with Century 21 can choose to make their listing a Hospice Home and agree to donate a percentage of their commission from the sale of the home to Carefor Hospice Cornwall.
He explained that it was up to the individual Realtors to choose which houses they wanted to be a part of the program. Every house that is a part of the program will have a Hospice Home sign above the "For Sale" sign to let prospective buyers and the community know that part of the sale is going to a local charity.
"For me, I will do this on every single listing", said Vaillancourt. "You are going to see these signs all over town pretty quick.".
Sandy Collette, Fundraising Coordinator with Carefor Hospice Cornwall said that his program will have a significant impact on the centre.
"It means we will have a continued flow", she said. "It'll help with our $680,000 annual goal."
Hospice Cornwall has an annual operating budget of $1.2 million and they have to raise a little over half of that themselves every year.
The money they raise will go to replace mattresses, furniture, and will contribute to other aspects of care at the Hospice.
Cornwall Hospice has a typical waiting list of 20 to 25 people.