Barrie - Basement Apartments and Secondary or In Law Suites

Barrie and Secondary or In Law Suites

Barrie is a growing city. It needs more affordable housing. Hence, basement apartments, secondary or In Law suites. It appears that one of the greatest needs is housing for single mom, dads, as well as seniors.

This means smaller but affordable living spaces. Many home owners these days are spending a large amount of their income on housing. The solution may be in coming to terms with allowing portions of homes throughout the city to made in safe apartments.

The city should be allowed to inspect these apartments for fire and safety and parking concerns. On the other hand, if a homeowner can meet these requirements then they should be allowed to build a second unit, no matter which area of the city they are in.

Not all houses will be able to meet the requirements of fire egress, separate entrance, one parking spot per unit but if they can meet these requirements then they should be able to proceed.

This could be a win, win situation. The city gets more housing and homeowners get help with the ever increasing cost of home ownership.

Separate Rules

Perhaps there should be separate rules for homes where the owner lives in the property as opposed to landlords. Landlords who own multiple properties, sometimes are only interested in profit allowing their houses to become neglected and to many people to live in them. This can disrupt a quiet neighbourhood. By having strict rules as to whether the homeowner lives on the property in order to build and maintain these apartments  this could be a way to keep the integrity of the neighbourhood.

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