7 Home Regrets You Don't Want to Have in 10 Years

These are regrets you don't want to have about a home after any amount of time, actually. But, with busy lives and misguided notions, we can waste a lot of time on the wrong things, waking up one day in the future regretting chances not grabbed and roads not taken. Here are seven home regrets you don't want to have in ten years (or ever).

1. Not doing any real personalizing to your space because it's not your "forever" home
This is so common! (I've fallen for it in almost every place I've ever rented). It might seem tempting to save time and energy personalizing a space you know you won't be in long (and yes, if it's truly a temporary, less-than-a-month stay, that's understandable). But you deserve a home that feels good and functions well — even if this isn't your final "forever" home. You don't have to spend a ton of money or make any permanent changes, but do showcase your personality. It'll be worth it! 

2. You didn't push past your comfort zone
It might feel comfortable and nice to stay where it's safe — where you don't take any real scary chances and therefore avoid failure. But don't. Take chances — you never know what you'll learn about yourself until you push past your limits. Here's help.

3. You apologized all the time about home things
Stop worrying about what others think about your home. They are probably not thinking anything bad anyway, and if they are, are they really friends you want? Break the apologizing habit today, for a better and more enjoyable home in the future.

4. You didn't make and keep good home habits
Speaking of habits, don't let a decade slip by without finally figuring out how to create lasting home cleaning and organizing habits

5. You didn't home in on your personal style
Style is ever-evolving. Not fully exploring your tastes — and what you might truly like — is a shame. Don't spend years living in a home that looks like someone else (or just doesn't really look like you). 

6. You compromised too much (or too little) with partners
Giving up too much of what you want for someone else's desires can leave you living in a home that doesn't look or feel like you, so don't be afraid to speak up when you really believe in something. On the other hand, sharing a home with someone you love is a beautiful thing, and it helps to remember what's really important when disagreements over things like wall paint colors arise. 
7. You didn't share your home enough
Let's say you push your boundaries. Create a home you love, and that functions perfectly for you, recharges your batteries and genuinely brings you joy. Why wouldn't you want to share that with someone? Finally banish your entertaining excuses and share your home!
Shirley Kosiancic

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