Safe use of chemical products at home

The plan helps Canadian families find out more about the potential risks and safe use of the chemical products they use at home in their everyday lives.

Hazardcheck is a guide available through Health Canada that provides information on commonly-used household products that can pose risks to health, especially for young children. Tips are provided to help you reduce exposure and ensure a healthier home environment.

Read or order copies online at or call 1-800-O-Canada.

If you would like to know more about the Chemicals Management Plan, visit

Canadians spend a lot of time indoors, so it's important to ensure that our homes are safe,healthy places to live. By learning about health hazards that can exist in our homes, we can better protect our health and the health of our family and visitors.

Did you know that many common household products contain chemical substances that can be harmful to health? Young children in particular need extra care and protection from products that contain chemicals – they are naturally curious and don't easily recognize hazards.

Here's a checklist you can post as a reminder of ways you can protect yourself and family from unwanted chemical hazards:

• I have emergency phone numbers posted near or on my phone.

• I keep chemical products such as cleaning liquids and powders, polishes, drain cleaners, paint thinners, and windshield washer fluids locked up and away from young children.

• I make sure that my child-resistant closures are working.

• I read and follow all labelling information carefully in order to use products safely and I learn the meanings of all warning symbols.

• I teach children what hazard labels mean.

• I learn about a chemical before I use it and look for other options that may be a healthier choice.

• I never mix household chemicals together.

• I open windows when painting or varnishing.

• I change air filters regularly for things like furnaces and ventilation systems and cooking exhaust fans. I also ensure kitchen and bathroom vents send air outside.

• I keep the door between the garage and the house firmly closed.

• I ask all family members and visitors to remove their shoes when coming in to keep floors free from harmful bacteria and other substances that can be tracked in.

Every day, countless families are exposed to avoidable household hazards. By following simple steps, you can help to keep your family safe and healthy.

More information and tips are available at no cost through Health Canada's Hazardcheck guide. Read or order copies online at or call 1-800-O-Canada.

Do you know what these symbols mean?

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