Buliding a house? Keep these things in mind when designing!

So, you’ve just bought a lot, now you are planning to build. What are some of the things that you need to consider when working with your home designer? Let’s start by looking at some rooms & spaces that you may pass by.

Closet Space

Closets are often overlooked due to their “utility” nature. However, if you have space to build a walk in closet, make sure you include the following:

  1. Ensure you have power outlets! Maybe you need to charge something, or have an extra light plugged in.
  2. Add a motion sensor to the lights, so there’s no fumbling around for a switch!
  3. Make sure you have more space than you think you need! You’ll always need more storage space!

Holiday Prep

Some outdoor ideas for seasonal stuff!

  1. Ensure you have exterior outlets under the eaves for holiday lights with a switch inside to easily turn them on and off.
  2. Additional space for hangers for plants, decorations.


Most of us have pets, and they usually get relegated to a space in the Kitchen, garage or the like. However add these things for them to make them feel at home!

  1. Plan a place for food and water! Even have a tap for easy filling!
  2. Place for their bathroom – if you have a litter box, maybe add a small exhaust fan to keep the smell out of the house!


Some really good ideas, for all around your house!

  1. Hot and cold outdoor taps – good for bathing animals, and cleaning the vehicles!
  2. If you are planning on an outside BBQ, run a gas line and save money!
  3. Put a master light switch in the master bedroom that turns off all exterior lights.
  4. Plan where furnace/AC vents will go in each room to ensure maximum coverage.
  5. A place for Fire Extinguishers

These are just some ideas. Research online for more and remember, if you are able to design your place, make it the best!

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