How to Prepare your home for The Spring Real Estate Market

Here are a few things you need to know in order to prep your home for sale in the Spring Real Estate Market!

1. Before listing - Interior Tasks - Prepare the inside of your home for prospective buyers!

  • Clean your windows - not just inside, but outside as well. Ensure all the winter dust is gone!
  • Clean light fixtures, and replace any bulbs that are burnt out!
  • Take time to clean your floor, steam clean the carpet and wax the floor if it requires it.
  • Dust all surfaces with proper dusting tools.
  • go through your closets, organize anything that needs to be, and removed anything that is clutter. You're going to pack it anyway when you move, you might as well start with things you don't use often!
  • De clutter areas. Knickknacks, and other things should be thinned out. Again, pack up some stuff.
  • Deep clean your appliances. Make sure the spaghetti sauce is all gone, and replace any burner catchers with fresh ones.

2. Before listing - Exterior Tasks - Get your outside looking great!

  • Look at your drive way, does it need any repair or resealing?
  • Ensure your flower beds and gardens are prepared and ready to go.
  • Trim any shrubs and bushes
  • paint any exterior areas that need it - properly!
  • Inspect the roof & chimney
  • Clean & fix any gutters and downspouts.

3. General Tasks - Basic stuff that prospective buyers will need to know!

  • Service your HVAC systems - make sure they are operating properly and have all required filters.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your home. A great way to sell to the energy conscious buyer.
  • Inspect your plumbing around the house in and out. Make sure there are no issues that would crop up!

By doing these few things, you will ensure a home that's ready for listing. Remember, photographs are what bring people to your home, so make sure it is photo ready by doing all the proper cleanup listed above!

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