Top 5 things to do when buying a house!

These things need to be done when you are searching for a prospective home. You are looking for a place to hang your hat, entertain, and possibly grow a family. You need to ensure it will meet your needs space wise, but also you need to ensure it will be around for years to come without costly repairs or sudden bills! These 5 things are what you need to do when you are house hunting. They will ensure you find the right place!

  1. FEEL THE HOUSE – quite seriously! When you walk into a house, feel it, turn taps on and off, light switches, open doors & closets. Taste the water, breath deep in each room. These things may sound silly to do, but you will be doing them every day if you buy the house. Make sure things work and you feel comfortable.
  2. THE ROOF – An often overlooked part, inspect the roof yourself. What looks good from a distance, and the ground, may not be. Get up there with a ladder and take a closer look. After all, this thing is going to protect you from the elements, make sure it is working!
  3. THE OVERALL STRUCTURE – Check to see that the walls are straight, not bowing. Walk heavily on the floors, do they sag with your step? Check for water damage in areas, under the bathrooms and such. Does the deck need replacement boards? Are the eaves in good shape or are they rotting? Critically observing these things can help reduce fix up costs in the near future.
  4. HIRE A REPUTABLE INSPECTOR – Nothing is bad about getting a second opinion on the place other than your own. If you are serious about placing an offer, have it inspected beforehand! They will do a detailed, meticulous inspection and provide you with a report of what is good and what isn’t about the house. If you are still committed to purchasing, you now have a great understanding of what needs to be done, can place an appropriate offer, and have a plan to have those items repaired should your offer be accepted.
  5. HEATING & COOLING – We live in a climate that changes from +30 to -30. It is important to look at what that will cost you. Ask to see the bills for heating and cooling, know what to expect, and where things could improve. Does it need a new heater? Does it need a new AC unit? These will be ongoing costs to your gas and or electricity bill, it’s good to know what your true monthly costs are going to be to keep comfortable!

Keep these things in mind when you are house hunting, as they are often not thought of. Remember, you are looking to have this house for many years to come! Happy House Hunting! Call Sonja today to get the best!

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