Winter is Coming!

For those of us that enjoy the outdoors this means that we trade in the water skis for the snow skis. And this also marks the time when we exchange the cool from the air conditioner to the warmth of the furnace.

This month’s blog is all about making sure your house is ready for winter, and saving some extra dough on heating and lighting costs! Plus, if you are in the mood for renovations, how you can take advantage of tax credits for reno’s and new, efficient appliances.

  1. Dodge any drafts coming in! Ensure you are eliminating any drafts in your house by ensuring your window and door seals are doing their job. Sometimes it can be as easy as holding your hand near them on a cool day, other times it is a bit harder. But make sure they are clean and free of debris, and not damaged or torn. If they are, ensure they are replaced and seal nice and snug.
  2. Air Quality and direction! Take a look at your furnace’s air filter. Ensuring you have a clean, unobstructed one, will help your furnace be more efficient, as well as ensure you have clean air. If you haven’t used your forced air ducts all summer, you may want to consider having them cleaned. Especially if you have allergies! Also, run your ceiling fans in reverse to blow the warm air down from up above.
  3. Winterize any A/C units and water lines! If you can’t remove your in wall Air Conditioning unit make sure you seal it off from the outside. These can have huge drafts, and cost you big time in lost heat, as well as causing your furnace to turn on unnecessarily. Water lines are also important to winterize and insulate. If you insulate your hot water lines, you will prevent heat loss
  4. Prep the fireplace! If you have a fireplace, wood or gas or electric, making sure it is cleaned and ready to go for the season is essential. Wood fireplaces especially, make sure the chimney is clean and clear of debris! Having a tuned up fireplace can ensure you stay warm. What’s better than curling up in front of one with a cup of hot cocoa?
  5. Take advantage of any tax credits! If you are needing to spend money on a reno, or replace a furnace or windows, make sure your research any available tax credits! These may not cover all of the costs of the work, but they can give you a nice discount. Ensure you do the research before you start work, because sometimes there are specific steps you must take to be eligible!

And those are just some quick and easy ways to get your house ready. There are many more ways to ensure your house is prepared for the fall of the white stuff. And with careful planning, you can be saving loads on your heating bills, and stay toasty warm all winter long!

Sonja Vernon Wood

Sonja Vernon Wood

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