Fall Activities

The fall is here and summer is over. No more lounging around with Netflix and snacks. It is time to settle into a new work routine, a new school year, and a new activity calendar! That means hopping up off the couch and heading into the great outdoors! Are the outdoors not really your cup of tea? If so, we still have some options for you.  

As we grow older it can become more and more difficult to get plugged into a community and make friends. Are you looking a way to get connected and to have fun doing it? If you answered yes, then it is time to get involved in an organized activity. Whether it is a sport or something a little more artsy, we have some suggestions for you!

If you enjoy running around in a jersey and getting your sweat on, join a sports team!  Community sports offer a plethora of options for sports lovers of all ages. There is something for everyone, from curling to figure skating to hockey to fencing! Make sure to look into these sporting clubs right away to ensure that you save your spot! If you are still in school, check out the football and volleyball tryouts that will be happening soon!

Are the arts more of your cup of tea? Lucky for you, YYC has an incredible arts scene! Calgary schools all have loads of clubs for all sorts of arts activities, such as Drama, Dance, Art, etc.! Calgary communities also host a lot of different classes for growing in your skills, learning new things, and having fun! Consider also looking for places to volunteer that specialize in your chosen form of fine art! For example, if you volunteer at the Loose Moose Improv Theatre you can see all the shows for free, attend a workshop before each show, and have a chance to participate!

For those of you who thrive in the outdoors, luckily enough we live right next to the mountains and as such have tons of groups who go hiking, camping, exploring, and doing everything they can to enjoy the great outdoors! Want something more organized? If you’re too old to join the Boy or Girl Scouts, consider becoming a group leader! You’ll get to participate in all the fun activities and mentor some great kids.

There are so many options of ways you can get involved in something you love and meet people along the way! So put down the remote, grab your keys, and go get involved!

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