Some Spooky Thursday Fun...

Well we all know the little monkeys are primed to get things started tomorrow night! For all of the adults out there we thought a little local haunting might be an entertaining read to break up the Thursday! 

Truth or Fiction... it's up to you to decide!

I moved in with my friend at her house on D'ambrosio Drive in Barrie.  She had two cats
and I had my young son. When I first moved in I noticed right away that the doors upstairs
would slam shut and you could hear what sounded like running in the upstairs hallway from the
downstairs livingroom. We had never given it much thought just chalked it up to being the cats
chasing each other because they were quite wild. It was when we no longer had the cats and
the noises upstairs continued that we realized we were not alone.
We had a party one night and were playing loud music. You could hear the doors upstairs
slamming and frantic running around... apparently the ghost didn't like noise. Most of our
guests were freaked out but one female guest wanted to spend the night on our couch to see if
she "saw" anything. She left in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. She later
reported that as she was lying there with her body and face turned inward towards the couch
she felt a hand push up against her back and she left immediately.
About a week or so later while I was lying in bed I felt what I think was a hand squeezing my
calf. I jumped into bed with my roommate after telling her what happened and she too
confessed that she had felt things and didn't want to tell me because she didnt want to scare

me.That was the scariest thing, it seemed to be getting stronger and I was terrified that it actually
had the power to "touch" me.
I tried to avoid the house after that point as much as possible. As soon as nightfall hit the
ghost was active and I felt like I was being watched. I had my mother come in and smudge the
house with white sage (something my roommate and I heard would make the ghost sick and
leave) but it only worked for a day or two and then it was back.
I left the night after I heard my son screaming "Get Out" over and over again only to run up to
his room to see him standing up in his crib looking in the top corner of his ceiling. I asked him
who he was talking to and he said "man" as he pointed to the ceiling... my roommate was there
as well and from that moment on I decided that it could bother me all it wanted to but keeping
my son up at night just wasnt going to work for me. I moved out and my roommate moved out
soon after.
I've tried to locate information about the house numerous times to no avail. I KNOW that it
was an old man ghost in that house. I never saw him but I always felt that this was true. When
my mother and sister smudged the house they told me they heard what sounded like an old
man exhaling... it sent shivers up their spines and my sister is the most skeptic person out
there but she will still admit to hearing it."
So is it fact or fiction... What would you do? Happy Halloween everyone:-) 

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