History of the Winnipeg River and it's Hydroelectric Generating Stations

1906 - PINAWA WAS THE FIRST hydroelectric generating station on the Winnipeg River and the first hydroelectric generating station in Manitoba to operate year round. Pinawa would be retired on September 21, 1951. In 1986 Pinawa generating station site became a Provincial Heritage. Abandoned since 1951, Pinawa had served Winnipeg for over 45 years. Total capacity of  22 MW

1911 - POINTE DU BOIS GENERATING STATION on the Winnipeg River was completed by City Hydro. This was the first hydroelectric generating station built by the publicly owned utility and today is the oldest power plant still in operation on the river. Total capacity of  75.6 MW

1913 - GREAT FALLS GENERATING STATION The effects of World War I brought the project to a halt in July 1916. Work on the project resumed in May 1919, but stopped shortly afterwards due to material shortages and uncertain financing. The project was ultimately taken over in 1920 by the Manitoba Power Company, which would complete building Great Falls Generating Station in 1923. Great Falls is Manitoba Hydro's headquarters for all four of its Winnipeg River generating stations. Total capacity of 132 MW

1931 - SEVEN SISTERS GENERATING STATION The largest generating station on the Winnipeg River system. Total capacity of 150 MW

1931 - SLAVE FALLS GENERATING STATION total capacity is 67.4 MW.

1951 - PINE FALLS GENERATING STATION The first power project to be developed under the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board Development Act of 1949, the construction of Pine Falls was initiated by the provincial Department of Mines and Natural Resources. Total capacity of 82 MW

1954 - McARTHUR GENERATING STATION Its construction marked the end of hydroelectric development on the Winnipeg River. Although McArthur is the smallest generating station on the Winnipeg River, it also has the distinction of being the largest in the world operating with such a low head (waterfall) — seven metres. Total capacity of  56 MW




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