Is Using a Realtor the Right Choice For You?

Many people try to sell their homes on their own to try to save money just to find out later that if they had hired a professional Realtor they would have come out far ahead of the game. People that buy and sell many houses will usually make use of a Realtor and this should speak volumes to those that are going it alone and doing it for the first time.

The first advantage that you will notice if you choose to use a real estate agent is that they know the area and what properties are good prospects and what ones to stay away from. For instance, cities rezone areas at will and a real estate agent will be aware of any rezoning issues and make buyers aware of them. They will be aware of any developments or construction that is being planned that will affect property values positively or negatively. You always need to have a whole house inspection done before you purchase any property but a real estate agent will probably know if a home is a money pit and save you the money of having an inspection done.

For most people buying a home is the largest purchase that they will ever make and it requires a lot of paper work and contracts. It is nice to have someone that deals with these papers and contracts continuously on your side to watch for any abnormalities in the paperwork. A real estate agent will quickly recognize anything in the paperwork that is not normal and call your attention to it so that you can get an explanation of the problem. The myth that you will save money by listing your house yourself is false. It is a fact that houses sold by the owner sell fourteen percent lower than ones listed by an agent and they take longer to sell. Even if you are selling your home yourself, there are instances where you may have to pay agent fees anyhow if the buyer has an agent. You will have to bear all the cost of advertising your home. If you are a buyer, it is a fact that you will probably pay three to six percent more than those that have an agent to represent them will.

A real estate agent can save you a lot of time when it comes to looking at potential homes. If you are with an agent, you can average three or four homes an hour. If you are alone you will be lucky if you get to look at one or two homes a day due to all of the red tape involved when you do not have an agent. Overall, when it comes time to buy or sell your home the best way to do it is with the assistance of a qualified Realtor.

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