Maximize Your Home's Curb Appeal

Make the most of your home's appearance! First impressions are very important to a potential home buyer. A large number of them will decide whether your house is worth a look inside simply based on its curb appeal. To ensure that every potential buyer comes into your home, you might want to spend some time sprucing up the exterior appearance of your home.

It may be difficult at first to look at your home with a critical eye. We get used to the way our home looks and fail to see its faults. They key is to stop thinking of your property as a home and to look at it as a commodity you want to sell for the most possible amount of money. Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. Park where they would and walk towards your house as if you were seeing it for the first time. What is your first impression? Is the approach clean and inviting? Could you make it more attractive?

- Tackle maintenance issues first. Stow away garden equipment and tools. Clean all the windows and gutters. Pressure wash dirty home siding or decks. Remove vegetation growing between concrete or bricks. Ensure your lawn is always mowed and free of weeds and rake the leaves.

Prune and plant Trim any tree limbs that are near or touching your home. Also trim and shape shrubs to enhance their natural beauty. Then consider doing some planting. Add brightly colored flowers in the foreground and your yard will receive an instant face lift.

Create some visual interest Think about adding style and character to your front or back yard with fences, arbors or water features. These will add visual interest to your yard.

Add some paint A fresh coat of paint to the door, window trims, and shutters will freshen and brighten a property and make it look almost new again.

Invest in new fixtures Replace your old fixtures to add curb appeal to your property. An outdated door handle, knocker, or mailbox can drag down the overall appearance of your house. New fixtures will not cost much and will make your home look modern and fresh.

Add light You might want to consider setting up solar lights along the walkway or in the backyard to provide interest and a little extra illumination.

Don't forget the driveway Is your driveway gray and weathered or worse, cracked and crumbling? This oversight may scare off potential buyers. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface and then seal it. If need be, fill out crack or apply a blacktop sealer. This will make your driveway look almost new.

By putting a little effort into the exterior of your house, you will ensure that potential home buyers get the best first impression possible and in turn ensure that your home sells for the highest possible price. Take control of the buying experience for potential buyers and present your home in the best condition possible. You want to leave the buyer feeling like this property could be "home".

by Krisztina Neglia

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