Moving Tips for your next move

Moving Tips for your next move  

The day of your move you should be ready for the movers to come and start moving your belongings when they arrive. Having your items ready to go is very important for a smooth moving process.

The furniture you will be moving should be cleared off and emptied out. Some movers do not require the removal of clothes from furniture but it is not a bad idea to have them empty if you have any stairs involved.

Most moving companies can not transport hazardous materials such as items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive. Moving can be stressful, plan ahead and be ready on your moving day. Here are some moving tips we recommend for a smooth, easy experience:

  • Make sure the movers have a good contact number to reach you.
  • Tell the movers about any special items you might be concerned with.
  • Empty all papers and breakables from your furniture.
  • Have all the furniture cleared off and ready.
  • Stay nearby in case the movers have any questions.
  • Feel free to ask the movers any questions as they work.
  • Keep your children and pets out of the movers path.
  • If you have very fragile boxes try to separate them from the others and tell your movers about them.
  • Disassemble as many of your items as you can such as beds, dresser mirrors, electronics and your washer and dryer.

Helpful things that you might want to keep around while getting ready for your move and packing your belongings:

  • Plenty of box tape for your boxes.
  • A large marker or sticker labels to mark boxes.
  • Tools like a hammer, box knife, phillips and flathead screwdriver and pliers.
  • Packing paper and/or bubble wrap.
  • Shrink wrap and mattress bags if you need them.
  • Bottles of water (stay hydrated).
  • Snacks like granola bars or fruit (stay energized).

Be available on all loading days. Movers will have questions. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have to your movers.

Before the movers leave do a final walk through your home to check all closets and storage areas to make sure nothing was missed.

  • Provide the movers and helpers with a clean water supply and restroom facilities.
  • The items that will be traveling with you, clothes, papers, etc. should be put in one place or in the vehicle that you will be taking with you. This will help prevent them from being loaded on the truck and having to find them later.
  • Get a good nights sleep and have a good breakfast the morning of the move.

by Benjamin Ragland

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