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Before moving to your new home it is a good idea to measure all the rooms to make sure that your appliances and furniture are going to fit, and don't forget to measure the door openings to be sure that everything will pass through them. Remember that it is up to you to see that all major appliances are disconnected and TV antennae etc. are taken down. Before hiring a truck or a removal company, ensure that you have at least three written quotations from reputable companies beforehand. Ask family and friends for recommendations of companies they have used This is often the best way of choosing a firm.

Be aware that some companies will only insure your goods if they do the packing. Be sure to ask if their quote is inclusive of insurance, and if so what it covers. If their quote does not include insurance then ask as to what this would cost. Should they not handle insurance, then you would have to make your own arrangements. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you get every step of the move confirmed in writing.

If you are planning to rent a truck to do the moving yourself, don't forget to calculate the rate per kilometer. Any reputable truck rental firm should be more than willing to assist you in compiling an inventory of your household contents in order to suggest the size of truck you would require.

Create a floor plan of the new home and assign a name and number to each room, then as you pack, each box can be labeled accordingly. Any important items that you might need upon arrival should be marked, keep these things together with any important documents to be moved by yourself. Make a list of what is in each box.

* Now is the best time to get rid of all that accumulated clutter once and for all. The alternative is that you end up paying to move items that you are going to ultimately get rid of anyway. * Remember all outside rooms and don't forget all indoor and outdoor pot plants.(they take up the most space because nothing can be packed on top of them)* Leave clothing and linens in dresser draws but don't pack to tightly. * Rent special boxes for hanging clothes.* Pack books and other small yet collectively heavy items in small boxes so that they are still light enough to be carried. * Newspaper can be crumpled into balls and used to line the bottom of boxes containing breakables. * Wrap all breakables in multiple sheets (at least two) of newspaper to prevent breaking and scratching. * Remember to keep heavy items on the bottom and lighter ones above separated by a few sheets of newspaper * Don't leave plates packed on top of each other; always pack them on edge. * Pack lampshades separately from their lamps and wrap in clean paper. * Corrugated cardboard works well for separating mirrors and pictures. * At least two days before moving you should disconnect all the major electrical appliances and drain of any excess water. * Clean the appliances and leave them open to give them a good airing for at least two days. * Then use a strong tape to tape the doors closed and the electric cord to the back of the appliance. * Blankets work well to protect appliances from being scratched. However it is advisable to use some form of foam mattress or something of that nature to protect the washing machine during the move. It pays to check with the suppliers or the owners manual when moving appliances.

Once everything has been unloaded do not allow yourself to be rushed into signing the removers inventory. Take your time to ensure that everything is in good order. Remember to make out claims in writing for damaged or missing items and forward to the agent or removal firm as soon as possible.

by Perry Keenan

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