Tips and Tools

For Buyers

Dream Home Checklist (PDF)Imagine your home – city or country? Duplex or condo? One bedroom or five? Use this checklist to outline your needs and wants.

House Hunting Checklist (PDF)Found a potential home? Use this checklist to take an up-close look.

Viewing Homes – See What’s Out There (PDF)Now’s the time to pound the pavement and see what’s available. This step can be either fun or exhausting. But with an expert REALTOR® at your side, you’ll be able to sift through to your dream home much more effectively.

Make an Offer (PDF)You’ve found a home? Congratulations! Now, if you want to make it yours, you will have to make a successful offer – one that the seller will accept.

For Sellers

Close the Sale (PDF)Before your house is truly sold, it’s time for the vital final steps known as “closing”.

Decide When to Sell (PDF)In real estate, timing influences your home’s selling price. Working with a REALTOR® can help make timing work for you.

Is My Home Ready for Sale? – A Checklist (PDF)To get the best return on your home, you need to make your home look its best. This checklist will help.

Determine Your Home’s Asking Price (PDF)Lots of people out there want to buy your home. The right asking price will attract attention and give you maximum return. With the help of a REALTOR® you can set a fair market value on your home to get the best return from interested buyers.

For Buyers & Sellers

Find a REALTOR® – 10 Questions to Ask (PDF)
This REALTOR® Q & A can help you talk with several professionals and find one that’s right for you. Or ask a trusted friend if they have a recommendation. Your REALTOR® can also help you get ready to sell an existing home.
Visit this link for a variety of tips and tools:

Search Listings

Go to and review thousands of homes through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) to search by location, price limit, number of bedrooms and baths, and much more.

Mortgage Calculator
Use this financial tool to help you explore various listing prices, down payment scenarios, and mortgage terms.

Calculate Land Transfer Tax
In addition to closing costs and legal fees associated with home buying in Manitoba buyers must pay a land transfer tax.

Affordability Calculator
Figure out how much you can afford by talking with your financial institution about a mortgage. This calculator can help you get you started.

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