A few things to consider when Purchasing a Recreational or Rural Property


A few Things to Consider when Purchasing a Recreational or Rural Property

Modifying and managing a property can be affected by municipal regulations, zoning, easements, water rights and more.

· Environmental and Municipal Reserves: If you have an ER next to your property , you are not allowed to cut down trees, clear vegetation or build on the reserve. A set back area may also be mandated along an ER

· Zoning: Municipalities have Land Use bylaws in place that designate areas that may be developed for residential, agricultural and commercial uses. It is important to know what is permitted or restricted in these areas by the county and/or developer.

· Bylaws: Municipalities set out rules with regards to safety, health , welfare and the protection of people and property. Know what the applicable laws are.

· Permits: Are required for building, development and renovation projects. Land owners require a permit before altering a shore or lake bed below the bank in anyway.

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