Are you wondering what the benifits are to using a Mortgage Broker to Buy your Home?

Are you wondering what the benefits are to using a Mortgage Broker to Buy your Home?

The Mortgage Broker Advantage Courtesy of Robyn Darling– Mortgage Associate @The Place to Mortgage

"First of all Mortgage brokers specialize in home loans and are commission based, so it is in our best interest to get you the best rate and mortgage product possible to suit your needs, or we don't get paid. We do not work for any one bank, we work for you. For free."

-"Getting a mortgage without a broker, is like going to court without a lawyer."

-"We are licensed and mandated by the Real Estate Council of Alberta."

-"Rates are most often times better than dealing with the bank directly."

-"Many BIG banks offer better rates that are ONLY accessible via Mortgage Bro-ker."

-"Mortgage Brokers have a network of banks to deal with for different properties & financial situations."

-"Rate protection, if rates increase/drop before you purchase you automatically get the better rate."

-"Our service is more than rates, we offer follow up mortgage service to ensure you always have the best mortgage should your financial needs change."

-"If for some reason you do not qualify for a mortgage today, we can give you a full credit assessment with guidance to help you accomplish your home owner-ship goals in the future."

Thanks for the Tip Robyn Darling

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