Spring Cleaning List

Are you ready to list your property? Spring has Sprung!!!

Spring Cleaning List

1. Walls: dust with a vacuum attachment, then wipe clean with an all purpose cleaner

2. Baseboards: dust with a microfiber cloth or vacuum, then spray and wipe with an all purpose cleaner

3. Window Screens: vacuum or remove and lay on a tarp outside and spray with a clean garden hose.

4. Windows: try a mixture of a small amount of dishwashing soap, vinegar, jet dry and water apply to windows and squeegee clean

5. Shelves: take all your trinkets off first, then dust

6. Ceiling Fans: how to clean them without getting dust all over your furnish-ings and floor, spray the inside of a pillow case with cleaner, then slip the bag over the blade and wipe clean

7. Appliances: pull out the fridge and mop up whatever you find it’s a good idea to vacuum the fridge coils as well, for the stove top and oven vacuum those crumb catching places using your sofa attachment and wipe up the gunk around door hinges and frames

8. Kitchen Pantry, Bathroom Cabinets and Closets: remove expired perisha-bles, toiletries and items that have just been sitting around. In your closet make the call if clothes are stained, piling, unravelling or uncomfortable its time to say good bye.

9. Driveways and Garage Floors: use a garden hose or even better a pressure washer, if one is available to you to remove dust and caked on mud

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