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  • 100% financing available for 4.85% 5 yr fixed
  • Self employed financing up to 80% loan to value for purchases and refinances
  • 2nd or 3rd mortgage up to 85% loan to value with no minimum credit score
  • Equity residential mortgages – self declare income, no credit score, no debt service ratio, 40 yrs amortization, fully open
  • Co-op lending up to 70% of the property value

 As a thank you to our clients who will use our services in 2013, we wish to offer each one of them a gift, of

 their choice:

             §  a cosmetic treatment with a skin care professional for ladies

             §  a family photo session with a professional photographer, including a photography package

             §  an in-home design consultation with a professional interior designer

             §  a portrait in acrylic on canvas made after a photograph

 Our contribution to making this world a better place: a portion of our commission on each transaction is    is donated to Pro-Vita Association for the Children’s Rights


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Spring Survey Stats 

 On average people are not becoming mortgage free until the age of 57;  

 Over 50% of Canadians expect to have a mortgage after retirement;


 50% of Canadians added non-mortgage debt after they bought their last home;


Conclusion - Lack of planning

If 50% of Canadians are adding very expensive non-mortgage debt after they just made a home purchase, then they likely didn't receive very good coaching prior to their purchase.  if you build in a contingency fund that allows for these expenses, you won't end up putting it on your credit card at 17% interest.

Creating a realistic budget with allowances for those unexpected surprises, and utilizing products like purchase plus improvements, or a cash back mortgage can be a great way to avoid expensive non-mortgage debt. 

Both products are offered by many lenders, but get very limited use, especially when compared to the 50% who are racking up debt on other more expensive credit products.





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