You Might Be Interested To Know About MOLD or WATER INTRUSION

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THERMAL IMAGING - MOLD or Water Intrusion? 

David Ash from DASH Inspection Services has been using Thermal Imaging for over 4 years and is Building Sciences Trained by FLIR, the manufacturer of the most popular thermal imaging cameras on the market. 

Thermal Imaging may help identify if you have any hidden moisture behind finished walls such as; finished basements, below ceilings and around windows. And why do you want to know if there is hidden moisture? MOLD! or the possibility of MOLD may develop if moisture/water is left to attack; drywall, wood, boxes, furniture, cloths and anything cellulose. 

Many times potential clients ask me if they should use our Thermal Imaging Service and it's very simple. Is your basement finished? is it an old house? do you just want "peace of mind"? then for just $50.00 at the time of a home inspection, then Thermal Imaging may be what you need. 

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David Ash - RHI, CCI, IAQ 
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