Parks in the south shore of Montreal



This nature park with an area of 960,000 square meters, includes vast grassy plains and a lake 1 km long surrounded by a paved multi-use path. With eight miles of trails, including one connected to Raymond Lévesque library, open 365 days a year.

This lake, which is actually a retention pond is surrounded by woodlands, bogs and a hill overlooking Montreal and reserving you a variety of amazing landscapes.

Discover Park City on foot, bike, rollerblading, snowshoeing or skiing. Download the map for more information on the trails and facilities available.

My personal opinion scale:

Kid fun 2/10

Playground safety 8/10

Cleanliness 7/10

Peace and quite 7/10

Walking paths 9/10

Dog friendly 

Home Pavilion

Covering an area of 550 square meters, the visitor center includes medical services and first aid, coffee, free parking, rental shop and rest areas. Its panoramic windows allow you to enjoy the nature. Recreational activities take place in summer and winter in a multi-purpose room.

Since autumn 2011, Archivolt, a sculpture in memory of the 150th anniversary of Saint-Hubert, created by artist Claude Millette, was erected near the pavilion on the terrace of the 150th.



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