Everything you wanted to know about Curb Appeal but were afraid to ask...

A home’s curb appeal impacts its first impression- a good first impression is likely to increase the chances of a second meeting. Buyers do not want to be bothered with homes that don’t dazzle them from the start. Only homes that invite, entice and attract with curb appeal are likely to get a second look. Encourage home owners to make their home’s curb appeal a main priority with these tips:

• Keep the lawn manicured

• Trim bushes, shrubs and tree branches that may be covering pathways

• Paint the front door and accent it with a wreath or other item

• Add front-door accents, such as plants or a door mat, to create a welcoming entryway

• Replace old hardware if outdated or dingy

• Install outdoor lighting (if not installed already)

• Clean outside windows and gutters

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