Garage Organization

Garages are commonly the most cluttered area of the home. By organizing an area based on the activities we pursue, your garage can be easily accessible for everyone.
Garden Tools: The most ideal placement of garden tools is near a side door leading to the yard or closest to the garage door opening.

Sporting Goods: Adult bikes can be stored on wall or ceiling hooks. Children’s bikes should be stored nearest the door. For frequently used equipment, such as balls, bats and helmets, store in a sports equipment organizer.

Holiday Decorations: Store items such as lights or hanging decorations on ceiling racks. Also consider storing decorations in clear containers with colour-coded tops.

Automotive Supplies and Tools: Store all dangerous power tools and chemicals in a lockable storage cabinet. Store all other items on a simple peg board-and-hook system.

Garbage: Store garbage in trash cans with usable lids and working wheels.

Stephan Rill

Stephan Rill

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