Inadequate Insulation

Inadequate insulation means that 10 to 50 percent of energy is lost through walls, ceilings and floors. Proper insulation helps lower energy bills by resisting heat movement through the barrier. Where the interior of walls and ceilings is easily accessible, adding insulation can be a relatively inexpensive way to get a big return on energy savings.

The first place to look for missing insulation is in the attic. Attics, in general, are fairly accessible, but in many homes, even newer homes, insulation is inadequate. As part of a general home inspection, a Global Property Inspections professional will examine the type of insulation present and its approximate thickness or "R-value."

The inspector will also examine (if the attic is accessible) the attic interior, including: roofing, framing, sheathing, insulation, ventilation and chimneys. Any visible signs of moisture intrusion will be noted. The attic is a key element in the home's ventilation system.

The GPI inspector will also look for areas of safety concerns to ensure proper rating and installation of canned or recessed lighting in order to prevent overheating and possible fires.

Thank you to Robert Abbink, RHI from Global Property Inspections for this contribution.

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