Do Home Theaters Actually Help Sell Homes?

As we move toward the era of the smart home you'll start to find more and more Buyers looking for functionality and the convenience of being able to control their entire house from their smart phone before they even pull into the driveway. Media rooms with fantastic home theaters are also becoming more and more common and more sought after. The fact is that today's younger buyers do like their IT and AV technologies. The combination of these elements can provide increased value to buyers, giving sellers an edge against their competition in the marketplace.


In high-end homes, expectations of media rooms, highly programmed home automation and AV trickery are expected, but what about in a more modest house? 

While I don't think an appraiser would put a specific premium on the value of a home because of a distributed audio system or media room, it sure does help differentiate a home from the competition. In developments where one house is very similar to the next and there are many houses for sale at any given time, the one with the more unique features like a dedicated media room will sell first. 

While I wouldn't plan of building a media room solely for the purpose of selling your home; there are more useful upgrades that will help increase the value of your home. But if movies and great music happen to be your passion than installing a dedicated theater room will help satisfy your desire and when you plan to eventually make a move you'll still be able to sell at the top end of your market and faster than your competition. 

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