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"Osso Bucco reflects the charm of your familiar neighbourhood Italian market, where you can go for fresh groceries and warm and personal service."


 The first time I ever attempted to eat at Osso Bucco was on my birthday about two years ago. It was a Sunday and my husband and I didn't think it necessary to have a  reservation so we headed out the door at around 7:30 with the intentions of enjoying a late evening meal. To my surprise though when we arrived we quickly realized that the restaurant closed at 8pm. I still remember thinking to myself what kind of restaurant closes at 8pm on a Sunday or any day of the week for that matter?!?

Flash Forward to a year and a half later I still had Osso Bucco on my mind, after hearing rave reviews from just about everyone who had ever eaten there I decided that we where finally going to make the time to try it. Proclaiming a date night we made arrangements for our daughter to be watched and we headed out for an (earlier) dinner this time with the intentions of going to see a movie afterwards.

Upon arriving to the restaurant we where warmly greeted and asked to take a seat and wait for a table, after a short wait we where moved to a small table in the corner of the restaurant. Right after we sat a waitress stopped by and presented us with a large black chalk board with the specials of the day. Since we where hungry we decided on two appetizers (spicey grilled calamari & mussels) and for our mains the Osso Bucco and the Rack of Lamb for myself. With our orders taken I sat back to take a look at the restaurant and nibbled on the complimentary bread with oil and vinegar that is the standard at most Italian restaurants. The first thing I noticed  about Osso Bucco is that it is very spacious, the seating and the ambiance is intimate and because of the layout of the tables you don't feel squeezed in next to your co-dinner's. 

After a short wait our appetizers arrived, the mussels where fantastic and the spicey grilled calamari was actually spicey but equally delicious. While we worked through our appetizer plates our main dishes arrived and once they where placed in front of us I realized how much trouble I was in, the portions at Osso Bucco are extremely generous. The best thing about dining there is that no matter what you order you'll never leave hungry. The lamb was succulent, perfectly seasoned and cooked exactly the way I ordered it! I can honestly say that it was the best rack of lamb that I had ever eaten at any restaurant in the GTA. Feeling extremely full I wasn't able to even look at the Osso Bucco that my husband had ordered but he raved about it afterwards saying that it was very juicy flavorful and tender.

All in all Osso Bucco has got to be one of the best Italian Restaurants in Brampton hands down. The service is courteous fast and friendly, and the waitresses work extremely hard to make sure that you are satisfied and enjoy your visit. The food on the other hand is always consistent delicious and fresh!

Suffice to say that we never made it to the movies after our first time at Osso Bucco we both left in somewhat of a food coma and couldn't imagine sitting through a 2 hour movie without falling asleep, but satisfied I can say that I have happily returned to Osso Bucco numerous times now and recommend it to all my friends who are looking for a great Italian restaurant in Brampton. I do tell them though that if you plan on going a Sunday make sure you go early, because with food that delicious and service that great I now understand why they don't need to be open late: with the love and attention to detail that goes into their food the staff at Osso Bucco deserve a break :) 

Check out Osso Bucco on their website or you can find them on Facebook . They have two locations one in Brampton and the other in Milton.

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