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For parents with kids finding fun and inexpensive ways to keep them entertained can be a time consuming task. We all have the parks we like to frequent in our neighborhoods, but when it comes to venturing out and looking for somewhere new it's hard to know where to go and what they offer. With the infrequent weather we've been getting I had the chance and pleasure of taking my daughter to Batsman Park located on Father Tobin Drive between Fernforest Drive and Bramalea Road. It is one of 2 new parks that the City of Brampton opened this Spring.

What I love: This parks offers pretty much everything for a day out with the family. With a splash pad, two seperate play areas, basketball nets, two cricket fields and a soccer area it's sure to keep your entire family entertained. 

Upon entering the parking lot you immeditely see the large rest area which has bathroom facilities perfect for those hot summer days when you want to swing by the splash pad and don't have the kids already dressed in their swim suits. The splash pad area is a reasonable size and has many different sprinkler type fxtures that younger kids will find plenty of fun running through.


There are two seperate play area one for older children and the other for toddlers. I found this nice as they where spaced far enough apart that the younger children could play and enjoy without being run over by the older more rough and tumble children. The larger of t

The toddler area had many different areas for activities including a smaller jungle gym, swings, and play stations where they will have fun banging on a metal keyboard or turn the cogs of a wheel and watching it turn round.he two play areas are for the older children and features a jungle gym, climbing walls and ropes and of course swings.

What Makes It Unique: With a long balance beam that moves as you walk along it, makes a fun challenge for kids and parents to make it all the way across without falling off (don't worry its not a long way down).

Overall Review: I'll definitley be bringing my daughter back when the weather is warmer and she can try out the splash pad. With two seperate play areas and tons of stuff to do you'll have no problem keeping the kids entertained. As it's a new park I would recomend you bring hats and lots of suncreen you'll have trouble finding shade under the new trees planted behind the benches. Enjoy!

Fun Fact: Batsman park features two cricket fields which is how it got its name - a batsman is the term for the player at bat. The term is also used generically as a player who specializes in batting.

Have you been to Batsman Park? If so I want to know what you think! Write your review below and let everyone know.

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