Web Marketing & Its Place In Selling Your Home

There’s no doubt that technology plays a huge role in our lives. With over 85% of home buyers searching online before contacting a Realtor having a strong online presenceisn’t just a luxury when listing your home for sale, it’s a must.

So what works? Below I’ll outline some of the basics that will increase your homes online web presence and if it’s done right potential Buyers to your home.

Pictures and more pictures (It‘s the word so nice I had to say it twice) Well I also had to say it twice because that’s just how important they are! Having good pictures are essential to start off any marketing campaign. The fact is listings with no pictures do not get very much attention and listings with bad pictures do not hold the attention of the viewer for very long. When marketing online pictures are the first impression of your home and we all know what they say about first impressions.

Social Media Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the top 3 contenders in the social media arena. Frankly I don’t know if having more is better when its comes to social media. But what I do know is whatever platforms are being used should be current and up to date. When searching for a listing agent look them up on their social media pages if their last posting was 6 months ago you can bet that they don’t understand the importance of being visible online. And the same goes for their blog (if they have one).

Real Estate Websites There are many websites out there that are dedicated to helping Buyers research homes, which ones an agent uses is a matter or preference. As with Social Media the most important factor when posting on these websites is that the information is up to date.

When it comes to online marketing its not just about doing it, but doing it well. Whether it’s posting on social media, writing a blog, uploading a video or listing your home on Real Estate websites it‘s all about exposure and building interest, but in the end all roads should point qualified buyers to the same destination. Your home.

These where just a few of the basics, I haven’t really even begun to scratch the surface of the different web marketing tools that can dramatically increase exposure for your home. Click here to read more about how I use online marketing to help maximize your online presence.

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