Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis

Managing Broker
CENTURY 21 Prudential Estates (RMD) Ltd.
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Real Estate Sales Manager, Realtor ® & Managing Broker

Real Estate Professional with 40 years of experience in:

  • Real Estate Brokerage Operations
  • Real Estate Executive Management
  • Real Estate Company Start Ups
  • Residential/Commercial Property Sales 
  • Rental/Strata Property Management
  • Training & Mentoring Realtors® & Property Managers


  • CENTURY 21 Commercial Specialist

Professional Interests

I am Professional Realtor® & Managing Broker who is licensed through the Real Estate Council of B.C (RECBC)

My license designation allows me to oversee other Real Estate Professionals in our Brokerage who are licensed to provide Trading Services (Sales), Strata Property Management & Rental Property Management.

I am a member of the Commercial Division of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV)


I have achieved designation as a Commercial Specialist as a member of the Commercial Investment Network (CIN) with Century 21 Canada

I maintain certification as a Certified Professional Residential Property Manager® (CPRPM ®) through the Professional Association of Managing Agents (PAMA). I am also a Past President of PAMA and a former Chair of the PAMA Education Committee.


I also maintain designation as a Registered Condominium Manager (R.C.M.) through the National Association of Condominium Managers (NACM)


I have served several past terms as a member of the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) Complaints and Discipline Committee, a past member of the RECBC Property Management Advisory Committee and a past member of RECBC Strata Management Advisory Committee

Personal Background

I'm confessing to being a "Realtor's Kid" (RK). My mother Elinor entered the real estate business in 1956 and achieved status as an award winning Richmond Realtor® for most of the 40 years she was active. I was immersed into the real estate business, although not necessarily willingly, by taking phone messages at all hours, by riding shotgun to property showings, by helping to organize paperwork, especially that cheerful job of cutting up piles of listing sheets with details of each home listed for sale and placing the sheets in a seemingly endless number of ring binders for each geographic area of Richmond/Delta/Vancouver. There were houses to view, old, new and under construction. Many houses for years and years. Guessing the price of a house was a novel game and as kids we got quite good at it. It was a time when a Realtor's tool were only a pen, paper, a corded telephone and a car.

As I got older, there were late night painting parties and landscape clean up days (volunteer of course) which was all for the purpose of getting a clients house clean and ready to sell. There were many delayed vacations while the family was packed and waiting at home or in a car for the closing of a complicated purchase and sale transaction. While we all appreciated the riches that the sale brought to the family, it seemed to me that the life of a successful Realtor® was not really their own as they were always at the beck and call of clients if they wanted to stay on top of their game. All of mother's business came through "referral" and she usually had a list of clients waiting for her to become available to help them buy or sell a house, which is pretty hard to imagine in this day and age. It was a manual world and a time before photocopiers, pagers, faxes, cell phones and internet.

The time had come for me to think about a job and I did as many of my "RK" friends, which was to desperately avoid becoming a Realtor® and to consider any interesting options other than real estate.  It's ironic how life works itself out, as I ended up becoming a Realtor® a very roundabout manner.

My real working life commenced as a radio broadcaster and news reporter with various radio and television stations across B.C., including CKLG-FM Vancouver, CKOK Penticton, CHNL Kamloops, CFJC Kamloops and CFUN Vancouver. 

A career change after 8 years on-air transformed me through education and qualification as a licensed Insurance Broker/Nominee for insurance sales, including commercial, homeowner, life and auto insurance. A competitor's insurance brokerage specialized in strata property insurance; however it also provided strata property management services through a subsidiary company. 

Strata property management was a new and emerging industry in the mid 70's and it seemed a natural transition to leave insurance and enter into the business of managing strata title multi-family residential property, which was my main focus during the majority of my working years. During this process, the government implemented licensing regulations through the Real Estate Services Act and within a 12 month period property managers needed licenses to manage strata and rental property. There were some management companies who also handled real estate sales and I thought that if I was going to be licensed through the real Estate Council of BC, I may as well get it for real estate sales as well. As it is said, the rest is history and I have been a Real Estate Professional Property Manager & Realtor® for 40 years, just like dear old mother.

As a sidebar late in my career, I had acquired significant knowledge and experience in building construction/repair/maintenance gained through the property management industry and this resulted in a request to assist friends with re-structuring and the subsequent rapid growth of their building envelope restoration business. This initial short term mandate has now extended past four years, as I now serve as an executive management consultant (interim CEO) to the company. Columbus Construction & Restoration Ltd. provides services to multi-family residential building owners, commercial property owners and the professional property management industry.

Personal Interests


Hiking & Power Walking

Alpine Skiing



Strata Residential & Commercial Property Management

Rental Residential & Commercial Property Management & Leasing

- Multi Family Residential Property Sales

- Commercial Property Sales

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