Landscaping can and will Increase Curb Appeal

Increase Curb Appeal With Tidy Landscaping

Curb Appeal is the appeal of the exterior of a house, the way it looks if you were standing at the street. Curb appeal makes a neighborhood look like a great place to live, and it can help sell a home faster.

For many homes, doing some simple landscaping chores will make a big difference in increasing its curb appeal.

An excellent place to start is mowing the yard. Next, get rid of the weeds. Stubborn weeds found between sidewalk cracks ought to be killed. A fast acting herbicide can be sprayed on to tough weeds. Pull any weeds that are popping up near the entrance or in gardens along the sidewalk. Edging the walk and driveway gives a smart final touch.

Trim back trees and shrubbery. Remove tree limbs that are touching the roof of the house. Plants should not be touching the house. If the ornamental plantings are wildly overrun, remove some of the extra plants.

Raking gives a well kept look to a lawn. Leaves and twigs should be collected and disposed of or composted. Clean up all pet waste. Remove lawn ornaments that might make a yard look too disorganized.

Here’s one more suggestion to make your home more attractive. During much of the year, adding several containers of flowering plants can add a splash of color and a cheery greeting.

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